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Irrigation Services

irrigation systems macon georgia

Evergreen's dedicated team of irrigation specialists works tirelessly to ensure that your commercial landscapes are flourishing. With a proactive approach, we consistently stay a step ahead of the sod and plant installation crews, laying the groundwork for robust irrigation systems that sustain verdant growth.


Moreover, we understand that maintenance is key to longevity. That's why we're always on standby for swift and efficient irrigation repair services. Whether it's preemptive system installation or responsive upkeep, our crew is committed to the health and beauty of your green spaces.

Design And Build

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Our team specializes in commercial irrigation and landscaping, ready to discuss your next project even before bidding starts. We're well-versed in what thrives in Georgia’s unique climate, and we'll make sure that your green spaces not only look good but last.


Once we're on board, we'll collaborate closely with your architects and landscape designers to deliver a practical and sustainable outdoor area. We pride ourselves on being punctual, getting to the site early for the groundwork and wrapping up before your final building phase kicks in.


From laying down the sod to setting up the irrigation and putting in the plants, we handle it all, including any extra features you need. You'll see the same committed folks from our team each day because we believe in doing the job right, not just doing it big.

Past Clients

Sheridan Construction Macon GA
Azar Walsh Architects Macon GA
Mercer University Macon GA
Piedmont Construction Macon GA
ICB Construction Group Macon GA
Stratford Academy Macon GA
Parrish Construction Group Macon GA
Mount De Sales Academy Macon GA
Middle Georgia State University
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